All of us are engaged in a seismic, fundamental realignment of culture and communications, a realignment that is shaking and decimating the entertainment industry, the education industry, the production industry and more. Technology is our biggest competitor for leisure time, but I am afraid that technology has altered our very assumptions of cultural consumption.
rather than saying that fine artists are on the brink of our own annihilation, I prefer to believe that we are engaged in a fundamental reformation which is spurred in part by technology indeed。
And at heart, during the reformation reformations, I think asking the questions: who's entitled to practice? How are they entitled to practice? do we need anyone to intermediate for us in order to have an experience with a spiritual divine?it's a sector that people who work in the field of art are worrying is being endangered and possibly dismantled by technology, as myself I generative internal self-doubt and massive realignment of antiquated business models.

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